Confluence of Kitchen and Kink (dietrich) wrote in theatreatfirst,
Confluence of Kitchen and Kink

Give "As You Like It" a Kickstart!

I have a mad plan. This summer, I'm going to direct Shakespeare's As You Like It. Besides the usual awesome actors, clowns, melancholics, cross-dressing leading ladies, wrestling matches and love notes on trees, this production will include SCUL bicycles, burlesque dancers, firespinners, and color-changing LED lights. Yes, we're going for broke on what may be the biggest show Theatre @ First has ever done, by bringing together the fabulous talents of all the fabulous people we know.

Oh, and, we'd like to do it in Seven Hills Park.

Yes, free Shakespeare in the Park for Somerville! And to make it happen, we need support.

I've set up a Kickstarter page with a nifty video and further info about this. Go check it out, and give what you can; we're offering some nifty rewards.

Tags: theatre

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